A Good Booy And Rich Guy

why, why

A happy and helpful human.

Kavya Dalwadi, 19

Founder of a startup

Matus Sukel, 21

A ”good bussiness” leader in my country, Romania. I want to create experiences like the one I am viewing right now and change things.

Tudor, 32

Pure, Calm and Happy

Avi, 34

A man who follows his passions. A man whose passion is infectious. All my life I've balanced IT with the Humanities. I've never been ordinary. Not that I'm a novelty. I want to be at the nexus of art, technology, and language (and its philosophy.) I want to monetize.

Michael Wargula, 45

a person with a peaceful and calm mind

Ansub, 22

Owner of a Co-living

Vered, 32

A person who can help people who are suffering from a lack of confidence, emotional trauma and who feel like there is no way out from the situation they find themselves in

Shashwat , 37

I would like to be a paramedic

Mark, 21

Culture Shaper

Manohar , 32

Virality share app

Agha, 42

Helping people to enjoy art

Aisling, 32

free, healthy, and timely

stu, 47

Un desarrollador reconocido

Luis , 35

Live a nomadic life

Shubh Arora, 23

I want to be a leader and a mentor to my peers and my juniors. I want to be a supporter to my family and my loved ones. I want to be a motivator and a believer for/in myself.

Ozair, 30

Startup founder

Matúš , 20

A media maker who shapes civic actions of citizens by using tech, content & community.

Manohar Kabeer, 31

an award winning garden designer

Sally, 29

A change maker

Someone, 31

Fearless, Happy, Loved, but most of all - HEALTHY. Health, joy & love for all my loved ones.

Nili, 27

a prophet of a new world

egle, 29

business leader

Fenil, 28

Content, proud of myself and my presence, a positive constribution to everyone I meet on the way.

Vivian, 26

I want to be the Chief Operating Officer of Sim Dog Productions

Simone, 31

Free to explore what real and raw creativity is for me – this is the first step. The second step is to understand how I can apply my learnings and help people on many different levels. I've worked in many renowned brands, and recently I hit a thick wall because I realised how...

Alyssa, 29

I hope to be an inspiration to fellow Muslim women that aspire to be strong leaders, impactful designers, and independent travelers

Mariam, 22

When I grow up some more, I want to be someone that mentors others who need help. I hope to be someone others can look to for guidance, support, and dependency. I attribute my opportunities to the kind and willing people who gave me a chance. Essentially, a leader and designer

Mariam Khan, 22

hope to some kid who has looks at life with hopeless eyes

Josie, 24

creative producer working with teams of artists to bring meaningful, nourishing, and resonant stories to the world

Jo, 33

I want to be retired

Robert, 33

Hey, I'm Product Designer

Saif Uddin, 26

I want to be a chief

Paul, 30

A spiritual guide

Anna, 35

fashion designer

maxim, 21

I have no idea my friend

mynameis, 69

I think I'd like to be in Italy in front of sea

Ouss, 25

A happy guy as always.

Akash, 21

be an accomplished designer

Pierre, 29

I want to be the best version of myself. I want to reach and unlock my potential to help create change. I want inspire others even if it’s just one person. To be able to create opportunities that I wished for growing up.

Jana, 19

a great entrepreneur and investor

Jose, 32

Curious. (also a dog owner 4L)

shannon, 34

creative art director

Jeng, 27

Running a company

Dayo, 25

A journalist and social media consultant

Evelyn, Chen

Someone who can change the world whoever am I

Paul, 23

a resource for Indian women to find confidence, joy, and balance in their life, personally and professionally

Aruna, 27

I want to be the best version of myself. Whatever that means. I want to forge ahead with my life, in whatever direction life takes me. Take the risks, make the big moves even if they’re small moves. Be fearless. Stay curious. And go with your gut.

Katie, 28

I would like to be a creative engaged in cultural projects that look toward a sustainable, inclusive and empowered future. :)

Antonia, 23

The curator of an arts center, where we teach anyone for free, children, adults, elderly and we can pay the tutors fairly!

Alex, 29

When I grow up (some more) I'd like to be free. Right now that looks like working at the intersection of art, culture, and sustainability and being deeply rooted to driving impact and changing lives.

Bonolo, 26

An entrepreneur/ Academic

Rufeida, 23

I want to be a creative director or an actress!

Ariana, 25

When I grow up I want to be able to truly not care about anything but love and freedom. The two things that I believe is truly needed in this life, not just for me but everyone now and before. If this question is meant in regards to my career then a writer of a thousand stories.

diaz, 18

I want to be a respected and well known music journalist. I want everyone to know my name and await my view and feedback on a track or album. I want to be able to interview multiple musicians like David Letterman or Nardwuar and get to know these people at their most vulnerable

Shenead, 24

A criminal psychologist with a focus on neuroscience and violent crime.

Roshni, 20

I'd like to be a better hugger when I grow up some more. I want to give really amazing hugs that people remember in moments when they miss feeling embraced. There was a time when I despised hugs then I got a really good one - it changed everything.

Asha Jamila or @$#@, 24

A world wide known Consultant and Ted Talk speaker

Russie, 27

I want to be a coach and a writer, spreading truth, motivating, inspiring and helping people thrive!

Marko, 36

CEO of a launched company

Natalia, 22

A multidisciplinary artist with a catalogue of successful children’s books and my paintings in Art Galleries - I gave birth to my daughter at 21 and I really want to be someone she can look up to and be proud of.

Zealah Anstey, 28

The same thing I wanted to be when I was younger . A Superhero , my own MJ an overall living expression of Art & love . Finding myself in my darkest moments realizing everything I love & passionate for is a sign of my purpose. I can’t ignore it , I am here to change the world .

Hasani, 21

I want to become a cinematographer and film documentaries when I grow up. I have always loved filmmaking and I believe that documentaries are a way to preserve history.

Devin, 20

An angel investor

Scott, 28

I want to be a screenwriter and animator. As well as someone who creates things that can inspire and teach others.

Amari Franklin, 23

When I grow up I seek to pursue a career in architecture.

Harlem, 19

The best version of myself. There’s only one me, and if I can be him as authentically as possible, then I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

Waladi, Ali

Help others around

Siddardha, 31

Heading up a communications team as a trusted and supportive leader, while bossing it as a present and loving single mum.

Sabrina, 36

Confident in trusting my gut.

Zandra, 29

Even more free

Sarah , 42

I want to become the best at idea networking (or discovery-driven networking). This means talking to people who are very different from me and understanding their perspectives on different things in the world.

Parth Gohil, 24

I want to be someone who helps South American artistic talent and culture to be discovered and appreciated.

Alessandra, 22

I am a wildly creative person; therefore, I want to build a small independent company that creates films, animations, and campaigns on a global scale. I envision a company that visually can be seen in major international hubs around the world.

Patrick, 19

Civil engineer

Jawsef, 18

an autonomous self sufficient circular entity that thrives from human collaboration

Joseph, 27

even more of my creative self.

Abhi, 0

A financially stable woman with her own business or in the corporate world looking after loved ones, be a role model and use my resources to provide education for less privileged so they are empowered to find their purpose and vision in life, just like I'm still doing right now

Deborah, 22

Entrepreneur and founder of the first company that has the ultimate goal of helping people with mental illnesses, so that suicides never have to happen again.

Alina, 26

social entrepreneur

neha, 22

I want to be the person that made my parents who had limited opportunities themselves proud.

Leila, 59

I want to be seen and not so lonely in my work. And at the same time make a living of my work. It is a long ride to get there. But I am working hard.

Sten, 47

My goal is to become an entrepreneur

Amin, 18

Someone with the freedom to live comfortably while doing the creative work I adore and work with other neurodivergent, disabled & lgbt+ people, giving them a space to exist happily

Maisie, 22

I want to make life a beautiful thing for all people and creatures. I want to be able to stand by the decisions I’ve made in my life. I want to be able to accept that I can’t be proud of all actions but still be certain that I have the best intentions.

Linda, 19

My vision is to eventually become an entrepreneur and work on my ideas. Besides, I also want to help people in different ways and that's why it's important for me to everyday contribute to make the world better. When I grow up I want to be mentor for youngsters.

Fatma, 18

I would like to create a website that helps people become the greatest version of themselves. At the moment I study in high school. I am hoping to attend medical school next year. I truly just want to make a difference in the world by helping other, less fortunate people.

Daniella, 19

I want to be a Brand Architect thus sustaining brands over the several year though my skill as a creative

Kolawole , 30

Some one that’s owns an ethical full circle business that nurtures creative talent for marginalised communities and uplifts women of colour who are disadvantaged

Raafaye, 31

I want to collaborate with people in tech and beyond to help make the world a better place, more fun place for everyone

Olu, 30

I want to be a wave. I work in the creative industry and there are not enough POC&black individuals being given a platform or resources. We have amazing ideas. I want to make waves so I can give back to the community and make sure the younger gen don’t have to struggle to create

Tanya, 21

Continue doing what I do, specifically the belief I have in my work and how I approach my practice. And maybe one day others will share the same sort of faith, and I’d open a studio of my own.

Chebo, 23

I want to be more honest, more vulnerable. I want to be better than I am now.

Kenyah, 21

I want to be a storyteller of the world documenting the under-represented stories of people and communities

Prakhar, 28

My goal is to embody the change I want to see in the world - redefining the connotations behind entrepreneurship and shifting business mindsets towards one of collaboration, community and social enterprise - solving issues such as climate change and the mental health crisis.

Jai, 22

A forward-thinking, ambitious, brave, and eloquent innovator, creator, and strategist who leads her own company while pursuing positive social development.

Rania, 20

I want to be an Entrepreneur driving solutions to those who need it most.

Victor, 21

A creative at a ethical ad agency.

Georgia, 24

A prolific digital writer

Nelisiwe , 27

i wish to feel fulfilled as a creative with the things i create and the way they exist in the world

Saundra, 21

A valued member of a team or corporation that is impact driven and focuses on building sustainable solutions.

Destiny , 21

Teacher/lecturer/mentor in arts education for underprivileged students who wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity

Beth, 23

An educator and innovator in the field of regenerative fashion - I want to create +1 to our planet rather than simply meeting 0

Cassie, 28

To be successful in my creative voice


The person that trusts ideas enough to see them through.

Leonie Annor-Owiredu, 25

Entreprenuer with multimillion brands

Haidar, 19

I want to be a psychologist and try to help people!

Benin, 19

Businesswoman who champions other marginalized groups.

Lalita, 32

A producer and writer

Liza , 23

An academy award winning film director and writer.

Tunde, 21

The founder of a sustainable jewellery brand.

Ruby, 35

An activist achieving social reform at a government level.

Priya, 28

A house owner and perhaps even have my own garage too.

Lee, 18

A really great parent, i’m thinking to adopt.

Armin, 38

Not wearing a mask and not worrying about energy price increases either!

Taz, 36

Financially independent and living on the top of a mountain somewhere deliciously cold. Basically, doing life on my own terms! I’m an artist at heart and great at making things with my hands. I’m just not that great on the business side – yet!

Markus, 26

I’d like to be a lot more sorted. Career on track, know where i’m heading. Feeling calm.

Spike, 25

Really happy. A partner at a famous architecture firm whilst teaching around the world. I'm passionate about my industry and the role we can play in offsetting some of the effects of climate change.

Jinjin, 32

I’d like to be a confident, fearless and winning in life. I’d also like to find a way of making a living as a poet

Craig, 35